Very first spotlight!

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Ok, so. I don't have a huge amount of patience for posting in blogs, but I figured that I should spotlight exceptional product/customer service. In these times, many people have become more worried about making a little extra than their love for what they do. SO. I can't guarantee any sort of regularity, but I can promise the quality of the people who I spotlight.



This shop is all sterling silver/ copper / and love.

She stamps all of the jewelry herself in custom designs/words.

My anniversary present from my husband is going to be the locket featured up top here^. I gave her an incredibly customized order, just to ask if it was possible. Moppet was timely, and very friendly when she responded that she could do everything I wanted. Now, technically, my anniversary was in December..but it's the thought that counts. Anyhow, I'll include a few pictures here, but I highly encourage you to go an take a look for yourself. Her prices are very reasonable and the quality of her products shows through her pictures.

I'm happy to have started my very first blog with a bang and on a very good note. GO TEAM ETSY!